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DermaBrilliance - Real Customer Reviews UK December 16 2015

Derma Brilliance Sonic Cleansing & Resurfacing System

Luxury is a beautiful thing — but beauty should never be just a luxury. Get your regular fix of fresh, radiant, glowing, smooth-looking skin with the DermaBrilliance Sonic handheld device. Two sides and multiple heads cleanse and exfoliate while the included cleansers and creams help elevate your routine for an all-over look at daily radiance. Spa time just got a whole lot closer to home. Transform your skin in seconds...

In an Independent US Study, we asked 31 women between 30 to 66 with a range of different skin types to try the Derma Brilliance  system…and what they had to say about the results, I think you will agree, was truly amazing.

DermaBrillianceMy skin looks brighter and more radiant…. 100 % agreed

DermaBrillianceMy skin looks and feels more revitalised… 100% agreed 

DermaBrillianceMy skin looks dramatically younger and feels softer… 100% agreed

DermaBrillianceBrighter, more radiant, younger looking, smoother, healthier, revitalised, reduced dark spots…the list goes on and on…  

You too could get results like these women by trying Derma Brilliance.

DermaBrilliance Real Review UK Dianna

DermaBrilliance Real Review UK

DermaBrilliance Real Review UK Forehead

DermaBrilliance Real Review UK Blemish

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Haute Polish TV OFFER - Real Reviews from customers UK November 18 2015

Haute Polish TV OFFER - Real Reviews from customers UK

Introducing the World's fastest Gel nail polish systemJust 6 minutes from start to finish for Gel Perfect nails! Avoid the time and hassle involved with traditional 3 step gel nail products. Achieve the same gel perfect finish and long lasting wear in just One Step!

The polish formulation combines the benefits of a base coat, color coat and top coat into just one bottle our 'One Step Gel Nail Polish'. Less product, less time, less hassle, less money! And for a limited time, enjoy FREE DELIVERY! PLUS YOU GET A FREE UPGRADE TO OUR NEW GENERATION OF GEL POLISH 'California Miracle Polish!'

Package Includes:

  • Haute Polish LED Smart Light x 1
  • NEW GENERATION 'California Miracle Gel Polish' bottles X 4 (Classic Haute Red, Hot Pink, Shock Metallic Silver and Silver Sparkle) The perfect shades to wear this festive party season!
  • Cleansing/Finishing Wipes x 24
  • Detailing Wands x 10
  • Nail Buffer x 1
  • Remover Pockets x 48
  • Instruction Guide x 1
  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

 Product Features:

  • NEW GENERATION 'California Miracle Gel Polish' for the Fastest Gel Manicure...enjoy gel nails in minutes
  • All-in-One Formula...base coat + colour coat + top coat
  • Fast Cure Times...safely drys in and sets in minutes under LED light
  • Salon Results...gel fabulous shine
  • Durable...more resistant to chipping than traditional nail polish for longer wear times 
  • Compact Design…LED lamp is light, ergonomic and easy to use
  • Wide Selection of Colours…
  • Benefits
  • Haute Polish TV OFFER Real Customer Reviews UK

WORLD EXCLUSIVE LAUNCH - SlimAction hosiery June 20 2015

Home Shopping Mall is proud to announce the exclusive launch of the innovative SlimAction hosiery in the UK & Ireland this Summer! Check out our awesome BUY 1 GET 1 FREE OFFER BY CLICKING HERE

No more diets... stop dieting and start losing that stubborn fat with Slim Action! The innovative new hosiery with the accepted science to slim, tighten and tone your body; thanks to a redutech textile innovation that targets your fatty areas while you wear them.

Start seeing results after just 1 short week and keep wearing Slim Action until you get the results you want!! They look great and are so comfortable, how simple is that!!

The secret lies in this fabric… containing Seaweed, Ginko Biloba and Vitamin E. As you wear Slim Action, your body heat and friction activate the formula and massage it into your skin, attacking fat so you can start seeing results after just one week!!! Reshape your body, flatten that unsightly muffin top and slim your waist line. Slim your hips, tighten and tone your body and get that sleek, slender and slim shape in just weeks.

Slim Action is the revolutionary garment proven to reduce sizes. The innovative cosmeto-textile combine botanic and sea extracts, specially formulated to slim legs and localized fat. Additionally the formula contains cosmacol EMI, vitamin E and ginkgo biloba, all of them to get more hydration and protection for the skin. 


Slim Action contains millions of small micro-capsules inside the fabric that once start the contact with the skin, all the active ingredients are released and penetrate the pores getting the mentioned results of slimming, hydrating and reducing the cellulite appearance. Each pair of SlimAction hosiery last 10 washes.



Slim Action hosiery is specially designed to be comfortable and easy to wear for all occasions, even for sleeping! The more you wear, the more you lose!

SlimAction Demo

1. The medium control top, makes it resistant to wear under clothing. Also avoid the marks in the tummy.

2. The Cotton gusset, is a special protection for the private parts and is a must for hygienic standards.

3. The matt leg look is an important reinforce to avoid runs and keeps the leg shape.

4. The reinforced toe avoids shape distortion and runs.


Buy One Get One Free


View some of the fantastic results seen by real SlimAction customers after wearing their SlimAction hosiery everyday for 4 weeks
Results after 4 weeks
Results after 4 weeks
Results after 4 weeks
Results after 4 weeks

Fab TV Sky Channel 254 - Experiencing technical issues April 24 2015

Hey Fab TV fans! Fab TV are currently experiencing technical issues with their playout but they will be providing an update on Monday… in the meantime click the link below to watch their most popular shows on their website www.fab-tv.com

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SlimFreezer Reviews - Let me tell you about my SlimFreezer experience... September 25 2014

Slim Freezer Customer ReviewsCheck out more reviews on the SlimFreezer

Facebook Page! www.facebook.com/slimfreezer

Marua S.

Full time Mum

"After my second & third child my body was absolutely destroyed, but thanks to Slim Freezer I’ve got my flat tummy I’ve got no fat here, here, I’ve maintained my curves my husband is in love with my body, I feel great, I look great & it’s all thanks to Slim Freezer."


Stephanie Before & After Customer Review



Stephanie P.

Office Manager -Before & After photo submitted

"I work out really hard to try and stay in shape but there are some areas of my body that diet & exercise just don’t work. For me Slim Freezer is the only way I can get the body that I’ve always wanted.”

Natalia D.


“It’s like looking at yourself in the mirror and deciding what part of your body you want to sculpt. After trying this product I ask myself, how could I have possibly lived without it?”

Slim Freezer Customer Review


Age 50 -Before & After photo submitted

“I have the kind of body that is slim on top and wider at the thighs… so every time that I try to solve that problem… I look too thin on top & my face became drawn and you could see more of the wrinkles… With the Slim Freezer I can use it in targeted areas so I love it!”


Kristine P

"After having four kids I’ve noticed I have a little bit of a problem area on my stomach. With SlimFreezer I can target just my problem area without getting overly skinny everywhere else."

Laura Z.

Age 40

“Every since I had my daughter, no matter what I did, no matter what I tried, I just couldn’t get rid of that baby fat. And then I tried SlimFreezer, I was amazed with my results!"

This Week on Fab TV Sky 282 September 08 2014

Hey Fab TV fans! Fab TV are currently experiencing technical issues with their playout but they will be providing an update on Monday… in the meantime click the link below to watch their most popular shows on their website www.fab-tv.com

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Exciting Announcement: The home of FAB TV has changed to Sky Channel 254! August 18 2014


FAB TV Moving to Sky Channel 254
Sky are making some exciting changes to your Sky channel line up taking effect on Tuesday 19th August 2014… this means that the home of FAB TV will be moving from channel 282 to 254!   FAB TV channel is moving into Sky's Entertainment Genre, along with the following channels:  
240 Home & Health
241 Home&Health+1
242 Discovery Shed
243 Home
244 Good Food HD
245 Really
246 Home+1
247 Good Food+1
248 Food Network
249 Travel Channel
250 Food Network+1
251 Travel Channel +1
252 ?TV
253 Horse&Country
254 FAB TV
255 Good Food
256 holidy+cruise  
Remember to mark Tuesday 19th August 2014 in your diary!  
Exciting times   -The FAB TV & HSM Team

FAB TV - Europe's only 24hr Fitness and Beauty Lifestyle TV channel on Sky 282 July 03 2014


Originally branded Fitness TV and launched in 2009.
Their audience has grown and demanded a unique television experience... a channel they can participate with daily workouts, yoga and healthy cooking demonstrations. And now a channel that showcases the latest trends, developments and news in the world of Beauty and Anti-Ageing...
We proudly present Fitness & Beauty TV - FAB TV
FAB TV is the Go-To destination for today's modern female and male... who want ENGAGING, informative content that INSPIRES them to participate as part of their busy daily life. Empowering them with the tools to achieve the TRANSFORMATION that changes their life for the better...
Their viewers TRUST FAB TV's Brand. They influence where they spend their high disposable income.
Watch FAB TV for free today on Sky channel 254
Check their website for their TV schedule www.fab-tv.com
FAB TV Sky Channel 282

ALEX ISALY KettleWorX Evolution's NEW trainer on the block... January 27 2014

Alex Isaly from KettleWorX Evolution


KettleWorX Evolution's NEW trainer on the block...

Alex Isaly is known as one of the most visible fitness professionals in the world, and has spent the last two decades as an elite athlete, master trainer, national fitness program developer/presenter and nutrition expert. Isaly has both American Sport and Fitness Association Kettlebell Certification, and is a Certified Kettlebell Teacher through the International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation under renowned kettlebell trainer Steve Cotter.

Isaly is best known for being the founding creator of one of the most successful total body group fitness programs in the country, R.I.P.P.E.D. - The One Stop Body Shock program.  He now brings his expertise in total body fitness to KettleWorX as the spokesperson/lead trainer of our revitalized home fitness system.

Isaly has been a go-to for personal fitness training, consulting, product development, educational programming to fortune 500 companies and celebrity clients such as; Andre Agassi, Gil Reyes, Dan O’Brien, Rahsaan Bahati, Proactive Health Solutions, Sproing Fitness, NIKE and Microsoft. Isaly has competed in dozens of professional level competitions, including triathlons and cycling races, the IFBB, the HooDoo 500 mile ultra-endurance bicycle race, and the 2003 IronMan in Lake Placid, NY.

Isaly currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife and two children.

HSM is proud to be exclusively offering KettleWorX 8 Week Rapid Evolution to the UK & Ireland. View the exciting new kettlebell products via the links below in our store:

KettleWorX Evolution DVD set

KettleWorx Evolution DVD set with kettlebell

The Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Review September 03 2013

This Jillian Michaels Body Revolution makes some bold claims. Chief amongst which is the ability to “transform your entire body in just 90 days.” So who is Jillian Michaels and does this program really work?

Who is Jillian Michaels?

Jillian will be familiar to many people, particularly if they watch NBC’s The Biggest Loser or Losing It with Jillian.  Jillian is a personal trainer and entrepreneur from Los Angeles. Michaels is also a regular on America’s medical talk show, The Doctors. Since appearing on The Doctors, she and the other co-hosts have been nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Talk Show Host, and the show was nominated for Outstanding Informative Talk Show. A spin-off from the Oprah Winfrey Show’s Dr. Phil, The Doctors reaches an audience of millions, syndicated into the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Australia, Ireland, Sweden and Finland.

She has, in her Body Revolution, developed a program of diet and fitness to aid weight loss and bodytransformation through Metabolic Training workouts and Cardio workouts, combined with diet planning.

Jillian Michaels 90 Day Revolution . What Do I Get In The Program?

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution 90-Day is a 3-Phase weight loss program. Each Phase consists of 4 Metabolic Training DVDs, and 1 Cardio workout DVD…15 DVDs in total.

As an added bonus, you also receive Jillian’s 90-day Fitness Guide, her 72-page Fat-Burning Meal Plan, a free Resistance Cable, a 7-day Kick-start Your Metabolism plan, a 90-day journal to chart your progress and set yourself targets and goals and a free bookmark to track your progress through the other printed materials.

So just what is Metabolic Training?

Metabolic Training is one of the names for High-intensity interval training, a type of cardiovascular exercise. It works by alternating periods of short intense anaerobic exercise with less-intense recovery periods. The 90 Day Body Revolution metabolic training workouts last for 7–20 minutes. These short, intense workouts provide improved athletic capacity and condition, improved glucose metabolism, (sugar burning) and improved fat burning, leading to muscle tone improvements and weight loss.

How do I do the workouts?

 The advice that you are given is simple: half an hour a day, a little floor space and a pair of dumb bells is all that is required. Completed in front of your television, you can pause or rewind the instructional DVD as you need. Additionally, each DVD is differentiated for the ability of the user – if you have impaired mobility or low levels of cardiovascular fitness, there is a modifieron each disc. This gives you a reduced intensity version of the exercises at each stage, so you can work at a slower pace, if you need to.

Reading some of the testimonials on Jillian Michaels Body Revolution website will help you to see how other people have used the program, and some of their successful stories might inspire you to buy the program.

Each DVD is sequenced, and builds on the one before, so the guidance is extremely clear. Just follow the order of the DVDs, in conjunction with the dietary guidance, and you cannot go wrong.

Where can I get my copy of The Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Program?

Fitness TV is the exclusive distributor of the program for the United Kingdom and Southern Ireland. It can be purchased from Fitness TV’s online store that can be accessed from their website at www.fitness.tv or by visiting the online store directly at www.hsm.tv.

How much will the program cost?

The program sells for £99 from the Fitness TV online store.

Does the Jillian Michaels Revolution Program work?

Yes!One only needs to review the testimonials from the test panel to see the amazing results. Here’s one example, “It was typical for me to come home at the end of the day and say, “I’m too tired or too busy to work out. But the Jillian Michaels Body Revolution workouts are only 30 minutes. Anybody can do 30 minutes. I got a complete and total body transformation.” This is Richard, on Michaels’ website, and there is little doubting his transformation, judging by the before and after photographs beside his story.

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Review – The verdict

Anyone who follows the Body Revolution Program will lose weight, will tone muscle, and will feel fitter and stronger. Some of the cardio exercises are not for the faint-hearted, and require a very strong determination to succeed. Everyone who perseveres seems to agree that the program works. A very good all-round diet, fitness and exercise program which is worth looking at. Read more about it by clicking the link to the Jillian Michaels official UK product page below and turn over a new leaf today!